Project Architects: Hseng Tai Ja Reng Lintner, Stefan Svedberg
Client: Confidential
Submitting Architect: NK Ngai Architects
Consultants: Macro Resources
Type: Commission
Status: Pitch
Location: Johor Baru, Malaysia
Duration: August 2013 - March 31 2014

Brief: To design a set of semi-detached housing. The project is part of a larger residential development made up of various typologies of low rise single family housing. As a means of generating variety, several different designers were asked to each submit a proposal for a villa or semi-detached house. Each design would then be distributed throught the site a limited number of times.

Proposal: Because of the limited size of the lots and the requirements for saleable space, our proposal for a semi-detached house spans 3 floors and includes a rooftop pool terrace in order to accomodate more outdoor space.