Project Design: Hseng Tai Ja Reng Lintner, Jakub Jílek
Type: Digital Design and Fabrication Competition
Description: Design and Build Pavillion
Location: Röhsska Museum, Valand, Gothenburg, Sweden
Duration: April 10 - 20 2012
Jury: Mikael Frej, Frans Magnusson, Klas Moberg
Support: Chalmers University of Technology

Project brief:
The competition brief was to design a pavilion for the launch of the HTBQ festival in the courtyard of Rhosska Museum with the intention of undergoing a full project cycle from design to production. This was to be conducted on a digital platform taking into consideration the limitations and possibilities of different parts of the production-chain from digital design to digital production and aspects like material efficiency, tolerances, detailing and ease of assemblage and dis-assemblage were optimised in a collaborative process. Design limitations included, the type of material; corten or stainless steel, the amount of material; 60m², the maximum height; 5m, the type of foundation; self supporting and lastly, safety; no extruding elements between 1m and 2m off the ground.

As a means of achieving complexity and variation whilst still designing a viable outcome, research and investigation into folding structures was conducted. Initially, the intention was to create a "flat pack" pavilion that would never need to be dis-assembled. This could be achieved through a type of water-bomb fold based on the origami magic ball. However, due to the number of hinges and various stabilising devices that would be required, a more structurally ridgid solution was presented.

The build:
The wining entry was chosen by an external jury, consisting of prepresentatives from Rhosska and invited tutors and practitioners. Students were then required to organise the file-to-factory process by creating teams with specialised reponsibilities, such managing, coding, detailing, optimizing, engineering, drawing and public relations. Assemblage was conducted by all students on a rolling schedule of smaller groups. To see the video of the build visit: