Project Design: Hseng Tai Ja Reng Lintner
Type: Design Research
Description: Digital design and simulation
Location: Rosenlundsgatan 4-6, Gothenburg, Sweden
Duration: January 19 - March 29 2012
Supervisor: Daniel Norell
Institution: Chalmers University of Technology

Project brief:
To design a fashion incubator with a 5 year life span. The site is set on one end of a significant historic axis that connects the fort, Skansen Kronan, with the historical city wall, lying just at the foot of the Carolus Rex bastion.

Conceptually the design is an interplay between the idea of the body and the garment. This was realised through a recycled corrugated cardboard interior - the body - housed in a wind driven kinetic garment - the exodermis.

With our own clothing, we make ongoing modifications depending on the season, weather conditions and current trends. If we regard the building envelope in the same manner, we can deploy materials in architecture with similarly varying life-spans, replacing them when and as necessary.

Facilities incorporated into the incubator include housing, individual studio spaces, a shared studio space, a shop and exhibition area, public vertical communication up the bastion, a catwalk or performance area and a bar/café.

Research regarding the garment articulation was conducted in a workshop that explored the use of excess material as a means of developing spatial and/or surface articulations. Investigations were iterated through a dialogue beween analogue and digital mediums and findings were later synthesized into the design of this temporary fashion incubator.