Project Design: Hseng Tai Ja Reng Lintner
Type: Wernstedt Sketch Design Competition
Description: Digital design and fabrication
Location: Riverfront, Rosenlund, Gothenburg, Sweden
Duration: May 9 - 16 2012
Jury: Gert Wingårdh, Helena Casanova, Andrea Gustafson
Support: Chalmers University of Technology

Project brief:
To design a visitor's centre along the southern river bank on an existing regional ferry terminal site that lies in a no-mans-land between the busy area of Järntorget and Stena Line's international ferry terminal.

Currently, most of the southern bank is occupied by Stena Line who have just signed a 25 year contract with the city and will remain on site for the duration. There have been discussions involving the opening up of Stena's territory but concrete decisions have yet to take place and much of the city remains cut-off from the river and thus, it's heritage.

As a means of activating some of the southern river bank, and bringing the city to the river, the existing program will be expanded to include a visitor's centre. The site's proximity to Stena Line and the old docks makes it an ideal location for the centre, linking Gothenburg's cultural history to the present.

The building proposal is comprised of four interlinked domains that incorporate a waiting room for the ferry terminal, an exhibition space, a café and office space. Conceptually, the building combines two marine elements, recalling oceanic organisms in the design language and the nautical in construction.